Discover everything Los Muertos Beach has to offer for Valentine’s Day

23 February 2021 By Blue Chairs Resort by the Sea
Valentine’s Day is a very unique date that should not go unnoticed. This date should be marked on your calendar for it’s an excellent opportunity to spend time with that special someone that could always be yourself! 

Puerto Vallarta is romantic and fun, the ideal destination for those looking for a taste of both on this Gay Valentine’s Day. No matter if you celebrate by yourself, looking for a special someone to spend the day, or the night (yeah!), or maybe you have a significant other to celebrate and escape the routine.

Find out about all the options Puerto Vallarta has for you on this Valentine’s Day and make this date something quite special.

In Puerto Vallarta, there’s always good company 

If you are single, there’s nothing to worry about. That is no reason to stay home and keep yourself from celebrating. Puerto Vallarta, and specially the Romantic Zone, has won the title of the best mexican beach destination for the LGTB+ community due to the excellent ambiance in town where love is free, fun is intense, and surprises are pleasant. Can you think of a better scenario to meet new friends?

If you enjoy the sun and good company, you can spend an exquisite day by the ocean, delighting yourself with the great ambiance in the most emblematic Beach Club at Blue Chairs Puerto Vallarta. Located in the popular Los Muertos Beach, (known to be the gayest beach in Mexico) you can spend the day listening to the sound of the waves, soaking up the sun, and filling your Gay Valentine’s Day with sensuality and new friends. You have no excuse, celebrate love and friendship because that’s what life is all about!

Gay events in Puerto Vallarta

So you’ve spent the day at the beach chatting and laughing with your new friends, what’s next?

Picture sweaty, sensual bodies dancing under the cozy dusk lights. This is definitely not a dream or unreachable movie, it’s just one of the multiple gay events in Puerto Vallarta designed for all tastes. The most important thing here is to have fun, the seductive dancing moves of our guys will cause a rise in temperature while you see more and more of their perfectly built bodies. This is a visual feast worthy of a gay Valentine’s Day.

Even though you can find many different proposals for that spicy night, the Hot Gogos Show at Blue Chairs Puerto Vallarta is, without a doubt, the best. Located at the heart of the romantic zone, on a spectacular beachfront terrace, you will find the most appealing, charismatic and fun guys who are willing to reveal all their charm. Celebrate with your favorite drink and the hottest music because the night is yours and Blue Chairs Puerto Vallarta has the most aphrodisiac setting with the Hot Gogos Show. 

A seaside romantic night

Of course partying is not everything, we know that, you might already have plans to enjoy this gay Valentine’s day with your significant other. Although any of our previous suggestions can be enjoyed with your partner, you could be looking for a quiet corner where intimacy is key. 

A sacred refuge where you can get away from the routine, leave behind your daily obligations, cuddling while listening to the ocean waves, under the moon and feeling the fresh sea breeze. 

If this sounds appealing to you, the option is to prepare an evening picnic at Los Muertos Beach, within walking distance of the Blue Chairs Resort. Envision yourself seating next to your special person, with a bottle of wine while taking in the city lights that flicker like small fireflies being witness to your love. Can you picture a more romantic scenario than taking in the sunset lights on the beach?

To end the celebrations of love, we await you at The Rooftop Bar at Blue Chairs where you can indulge on delicious food, creative mixology and the best gay events in Puerto Vallarta.

Make your night something special and live an unforgettable Gay Valentine’s Day.

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