Everything ready for Vallarta Pride

One of the most anticipated events by the community every year is, undoubtedly,the LGBT+ Pride Day. An event that has evolved from being solely about reclaiming everyone's right to love, to also being celebrated by millions across the world. June 28th marks a special date for those of us who choose to love who our hearts decide to love and not society.

The Pride Day March, which began humbly in New York in 1970, has found echoes in many cities around the world, each one with its own unique touch.Below, we'll tell you about how the celebration is experienced in Puerto Vallarta, the best beach destination for the gay community in all of Latin America.

If you're looking for fun and a less solemn sense of celebration, Vallarta Pride is the choice for you.

Puerto Vallarta Downtown will fill with color

Although the official LGBT+ Pride Day is June 28th, not all places hold celebrations on that exact day. The committees of each city in different points of the earth analyze and propose, when it is possible for them to carry out their festivals. For example, we have the one in Madrid, whose parade is on July 7, the one in Philadelphia, held between May 12 and 14 or in Mexico City on June 27.

This year's Vallarta Pride is scheduled from Sunday, May 17 to Saturday,May 23. The traditional parade, more than a march, will take place on Thursday,May 21; starting at the municipal stadium, and ending in the city's most inclusive neighborhood, the Romantic Zone. Passing by the Malecon, the Vallarta Pride Parade offers you a unique combination in the world: the celebration ofour diversity and a privileged setting overlooking one of the most beautiful bays in the Mexican Pacific.

Whether you are part of the community or not, attending the Vallarta Pride Parade on the Malecon is a must-do event if you are in the port, whether you are a Vallarta resident or a tourist, at this event everyone is welcome to enjoy the colorful and warmth of our community. 

Puerto Vallarta Downtown, the spot to celebrate with pride

After crossing the malecon, we crossed the Cuale River to get to where we have found a place to flow freely for several years. The romantic zone of Puerto Vallarta has been gradually shaped to accommodate the tourists of the community.

One out of every three tourists who arrive in Puerto Vallarta identifies itself as LGTB+, recognizing it as the CITY with the best vibe for us.

Perhaps we are too repetitive in worshiping the city as the best gay destination in Latin America. In this Vallarta Pride you will find a variety of bars where you can hang out with your friends, the hottest clubs in the Pacific, and restaurants with exquisite food and the friendliest attention.

To increase your comfort, in the very same Downtown you can find the gay hotels Puerto Vallarta have to host the adventurers with a thirst for partying in this Vallarta Pride 2020.

Your best option for a Puerto Vallarta gay hotel

When you come for this kind of celebration, although it is advisable to be responsible, it is understandable that with the adrenaline of the party you lose a little of control. No one is going to judge you on that, we all come here wanting to party, but for your convenience, just a few steps away from the best parties held by the Vallarta Pride, we recommend you stay at Blue Chairs Resort by The Sea, a proud gay hotel.

In addition to being in the heart of the Party Zone, Blue Chairs Resort by The Sea has many surprises prepared to celebrate diversity. Between the shows, the beach club and our comfortable rooms, you're sure to have fun, and you're sure to find someone to have your own party with.

This 2020, celebrate Vallarta Pride and stay at the most traditional gay hotel in the Downtown.
Everything ready for Vallarta Pride

Vallarta Pride is coming and here we tell you everything you need to know about: Parties, Parades and the best Puerto Vallarta gay hotel in Downtown.

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