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After sunbathing on the beach, enjoying the best gay shows in Puerto Vallarta, and tasting the delicious cocktails we offer at The Rooftop Bar, how about letting yourself be pampered by expert hands?

Besides offering, you 24/7 fun, at Blue Chairs you will find a space to connect with your inner self and forget the stress. In our spa you can take a break and finally let your body experience a vibrant feeling of relaxation, if you want to continue with the party you have to rest!

Horario: 11am – 6pm

Our experts will treat you with the following services:



We combine the best massage techniques and create special therapies to relax you completely. The massages you will receive at the Blue Chairs spa will not only relax your muscles, but also your mind and soul.

Relaxing Massage - 50 Minutes

With our relaxing masage, you will be able to release all the stress and accumulates tension. This massage is applied with soft and delicate maneuvers, resulting in a very pleasant experience.

Deep Tissue Massage - 50 Minutes

Manual massage that focuses on the contracted area. Deep tissue massage therapy is similar to Swedish massage, but the pressure, being deeper, is more beneficial in releasing muscletension, as well as improving muscle pain and stiffness.

Foot Massage - 30 Minutes

There are connections between various organs of the body and the feet. This ancient technique consists of applying pressure points on specific areas of the foot to relieve tension and various ailments, in addition to providing an incredible rest for your feet.

Back Massage - 25 Minutes

You will feel instant relief and release muscle tension as a relaxing massage is applied to the entire back, shoulders and neck area.

Maximum Relaxation - 80 Minutes

This massage brings together the benefits of deep tissue massage combined with the heat of the special pads for a good treatment of muscular discomfort. The heat from the pads releases muscle tension while enhancing relaxation.

Facials and Body Treatments

Your face is exposed to dust, sun, and at the beach, sand and pool water, so don't neglect your cover letter, keep it hydrated, healthy and radiant with our facials.

Our body treatments will revitalize you, mixing massages, exfoliation, reflexology, and even facials; all for you to spend a dreamy afternoon in our spa. We'll leave you ready to start your day off on the right foot, and enjoy Blue Chairs, the place where the fun begins.
  • Facial Cleansing - 30 Minutes

    The appearance of your skin depends, among other things, on the daily careyou give it. Keep it clean, oxygenated, moisturized and protected from the sun with this delicious facial.
  • Have It All - 80 Minutes

    Therapy that combines the benefits of 4 different techniques: relaxing massage, deep tissue, shiat-su (Japanese technique based on pressure points all over the body) and stretching, as well as reflexology, resulting in a very complete therapy.
  • Body Exfoliation - 30 Minutes

    Pamper yourself with a body exfoliation based on salts that will help you soften your skin, eliminate dead cells and leave your skin ready for a perfect tan.
  • Pamper yourself - 110 Minutes

    You deserve the best, that's why we offer you in this package a 50-minute massage of your choice, plus body exfoliation and a facial cleansing.